ShotCut crashed, now NO SOUND on any project

I was almost done with my first video which took many hours.

I was about to start jugging whisky because I could not get the scrolling credits to work, they start to come up but only so far as those that can be seen on the odd square where you type credits, but all credits down the list from what is immediately seen in the square do not appear.

All of a sudden Shotcut crashed, as it has done many times tonight.

But this time there is no sound when I open the application.

I can hear all other applications, youtube, etc. But not any of the clips in this or other video tests.

When I go into sound mixer settings on the PC, Shotcut shows at 100% volume and it is not muted.

The meters in Shotcut show the volume is clearly on and playing. I have restarted Shotcut many times, but am now going to bed after spending 12 hours on this video today alone.

Did you try restarting your computer?

LOL yes.

Ultimately I found someone on Google who said change the settings to stereo, and restart the app, but mine was already stereo. So I changed mine to mono and restarted and reset it to stereo and that fixed it!