Shotcut Crash and qmelt crash

Hello I use 18.06.02 version on Windows 7 pro, Intel core i5 3320M 2,6 ghz, 8 GB ram and intel HD graphics 4000

I always crash (shotcut.exe stopped working) when i work on my .mlt file
and i always crash (qmelt.exe stopped working) when i try to extract (i try many ways, always the same bug)

I tried with older version and the GPU is on.
I work during few hours on a project with GPU without problems but since few days i had this problem
It doesn’t work only with my project ( i use saturation, rotate, speed up)

PS : Sorry for my english


Disable GPU Effects (Processing).

Thanks for your answer but i begin my project with GPU effect and I can’t open it or extract it without GPU effects …

You can re start your project with GPU effects off.
The purpose of the (experimental) suffix is to warn users that there may be problems using this mode, therefore experiment first before committing to a project. Caveat emptor

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There were a post explaining how to recover most of the work done on a file with GPU on for a normal mtl file…

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