Shotcut closing suddenly (Ubuntu 16.04)

Hello: I was droping video files to timeline, aligning them to enter a dissolve and then Shotcut crashes. I cannot work for more than 10 minutes with Shotcut when suddenly it crashes. These are last 2 lines from my /var/syslog:

Nov 16 20:41:43 rdrk-x gnome-session[26577]: [h264 @ 0x7f4b2d245b00] Reinit context to 1280x800, pix_fmt: yuv420p
Nov 16 20:41:45 rdrk-x gnome-session[26577]: User defined signal 1

Before that MLT is droping many frames. It happens with installed snap package and also portable. Any workaround or solution is welcome since I love this editor. Thanks in advance.

Shotcut version number? (Help/About Shotcut)
Computer specifications? (CPU, Ram)
Video Mode (Settings/Video Mode)
Source file specifications (file type, fps, resolution)

Turn off Settings > GPU Effects.

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