Shotcut can't open my OBS-printscreen-videos (MP4) anymore

I’ve created printscreen-videos with OBS-Studio and edited them in Shotcut before.
However from yesterday, Shotcut can’t open my OBS-printscreen-videos (MP4) anymore
–> now these videos need to be converted in different file inside Shotcut (3 options, and these converted files are super big from 18GB to 30GB vs. normal OBS-MP4-videos with 0.4 - 0.5GB.

Would you know why Shotcut can’t approve my MP4-videos anymore ?

It would appear that OBS is generating MP4 files with Variable Frame Rate. See here:

I chose the lowest Convert-option but the file is still very big (16GB) vs. normal 0.6GB.
For example OpenShot could open this original file (0.6GB) very easily - without any converts.

It would be great if Shotcut could approve this MP4-file without any converts.

If I set the setting of OBS into the CFR, will Shotcut identify these files as Constant Time Frame (and no converting needed) ?

Now I have CBR as my choice (Settings --> Output --> Recording --> Rate Control).

It can, just hit cancel on the conversion box. When you hit cancel, click on Properties. Can you provide a screenshot of what’s in Properties?

Are you trying to open the file into a new project in Shotcut, or an existing one?

Here are my OBS-settings:

I’m trying to open the file in completely new project in OBS.

I was talking about the Properties in Shotcut.

With your settings in OBS I was able to open the video in Shotcut without a problem.

Sometimes a file is incorrectly detected as variable frame rate because a few anomalous timestamps have tricked the detection algorithm.

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