Shotcut appimage

Hello, I have used this software and it has been very useful to me, I am a surveyor engineer and free software user.
It would be great to see the Shotcut in appimage and avoid using the terminal for new users. I somehow defend myself with the terminal but sometimes it is still somewhat annoying and tedious. I leave you the links of these new packaging technologies, so that you can analyze them and may in the not too distant future offer some of these simple packages. In fact I prefer appimage, I downloaded several of these applications with this type of package and is simple to use and distribute. Flatpak and snap are still using the terminal to install them, the snaps are fairly simple (it will be installed in the gnome and kde software center in 2018), flatpak the gnome desktop and kde install it from the software center to install packages Flatpak.
Appimage has its own charm and does not use the terminal but right click on the icon, properties and run as application and go. I really think this is the way to package software in linux

Thank you


Luis V

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