Shotcut adding "swresample" video filter to timeline clips

I’ve just noticed that Shotcut is adding a video filter “swresample” to any clip I add to the timeline. Selecting this filter shows no settings, the only controls are the on/off checkbox for it in the list of filters applied to a clip, and the option to remove it from the filter list for a clip. I have no idea what this filter is or what it does. Searching the Shotcut documentation was not helpful.

So: what is this filter, what does it do, and why is Shotcut automatically adding it to my clips?

I do not recreate this. What Shotcut version are you using? And what operating system?

Apologies, I should know to include that basic info:

Shotcut 22.12.21 (from distro repos) on Linux (Manjaro stable, kernel 6.2.8) KDE. Hardware is i7 8700 with 32GB of RAM.

This isn’t something that has always happened, I’m not sure when it started, I only noticed it because I happened to need to apply a filter to a clip and there it was in the list. I’ve been checking every time I add a clip, and it’s happening every time. I’ve been just removing the filter, and so far I’ve not received any warnings when exporting, nor I have noticed any problems with my videos.

That is good information. This is probably happening because the packagers are using mismatch versions of Shotcut and MLT. You should try the Linux build from the Shotcut download page. If the problem persists in the official build, let me know. Else, report the issue to your distribution packager.

melt version (installed as a dependency of Shotcut):

$ melt --version
melt 7.14.0

I’ll give the appimage a try and report my results here. Thank you for your responses!

That MLT version was released March 6, 2023. But the Shotcut version is from 2022. That combination might be OK but is untested. Maybe ignoring that filter will be fine.

Can confirm this problem does not happen with the appimage version. I will be posting this info along with a link to this conversation to Manjaro’s app support forum. Thank you Shotcut team!

Final solutions:

  1. After producing five different videos, it appears leaving the filter in place causes no problems (just ignore it)

  2. official appimage doesn’t present the problem (I didn’t test the flatpak or snap, but presume the same is true for those as well)

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