Shotcut 64 bit crashing a lot & Text bug

Shotcut is crashing a lot when I add text or edit text. One time it even crashed when I cut/split a video.

When it dosen’t crash when I edit or add a text and it does this.

The text gets bugged.

Shotcut also crashes when choosing rutt-etra-izer (HTML)

Should i just use the 32 bit or try and reinstall shotcut 64 bit?

My Laptop is a 64 bit computer and has 8gb of ram.

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I’m getting the exact same bug. Crashed 6 times trying to edit one video with some minor text subtitles.

It just Crashed again. :frowning:
A new problem though. Never seen it crash during a greenscreen shot.

Did try to debug but nothing worked.

There is a known bug with the Text filter with GPU processing enabled (already in our bug tracker). Your post and screenshot seems to indicate you have enabled the GPU processing. GPU processing is labeled Experimental because it is known to reduce stability.

Thanks! & I did try turning it off before but it said that it needed to be turned back on due to the project I had open needed it or something.

Yes, it will do that. It is not able to convert your project between the GPU and CPU versions.

I think I’m seeing the same thing while trying to copy to an audio track. Almost anything else (editing, filters, filling a timeline) is fine. Copy a clip to an active audio track and the wheels fall off.

It may be I’m seeing a different problem. The GPU option is off when my crashes happen.