Shotcut 32 bit latest version transition bug?

So i was practicing my transition skills on shotcut, until ifound this kind of problem.
I was tryign to export my video with a transition with it and when i tried to export it, it always fails.
But when i remove the transition, the export progress is okay.
I have the latest shotcut -32 bit.

the shotcut version 20.02.17 transition was working for me but when i updated it, it wont work anymore, does anybody have this problem?

heres the video if you are wondering.

Did you increase speed of the clips before or after you did the transition?

The 32-bit version has been discontinued, and you did not provide any useful information such as steps, log, or project file to help troubleshoot the problem. Quite likely you are running out of memory, which for 32-bit is 3GB, and one of the main reasons it has been discontinued. Upgrade to 64-bit

nope i didnt

oh i see. thanks!
(i dont really know about much of the log thingys, im still new at using shotcut. sorry!)

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