Shotcut (18.11.13) Crash


After upgrading to version 18.11.13, I tried to load into the play list 5 short videos
(1280 x 720), all together 756 MB, and program crashed. Please see screenshot attached.

  1. Tried to load these 5 videos again and everything was OK.
  2. Same happened twice in the previous version (18.10.08).
    Is there some bugShotcut%20Error ?
    Answers will be appreciated


Also reported on GitHub, but it is not yet reproduced and debugged. Is GPU Effects on?


Can’t duplicate the issue.
Did load up 5 clips without crashing.
I’ve worked with well over 5 clips at a time with 18.10.08 in the past month without crashing as well.


Couldn’t reproduce the crash.
Loaded 8 hour long videos totaling 1.7 GB. No crash.

Also dropped a folder full of videos totaling 4.75 GB into the playlist No crash.