Shortening clips without mouse

Hi, I’m creating some Auto Hot Keys macros to speed up editing of a particular type of project, thanks to one forum user who created a very helpful script file and demo for adding lyrics.

I have one task that is a challenge at the moment though: The camcorder I’m using creates files with an overlapping second between clips, so the first 30 frames of the next clip are the same as the last 30 frames of the previous clip, which is guess is a safety feature.

My preferred method is for the macro to append each clip in a loop, but before pasting the next clip, to drag the end of the current clip back by 30 frames so that when appended, the next clip will abut at the right place. I have looked at the shotcut key commands page, but I don’t see any keys there on how to shorten a clip without a mouse, unless I’m misunderstanding something. Can anyone help enlighten me?


End to go to end of clip (assuming it’s in the Source window)
PgUp to go back one second (which would be 30 frames for a 30fps video)
o for “Out” to mark the cursor as the clip’s out point
a to Append the clip to the current timeline track

Wow, thanks, that’s just what I needed. :slightly_smiling_face:

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