Shortcuts to jump to the timeline and to the playlist?

Hi. I am looking for shortcuts to use to quickly go the timeline and to the playlist. I have checked the shortcut overview page but can’t find what I’m looking for. Maybe there are no shortcuts for these actions, or I’m simply overlooking something.

I would like these shortcuts in cases where I, for example, am in the effects window and quickly want to go to the playlist to add another clip or to the timeline to edit. There are other scenarios as well.

Any help would be appreciated.

By the way: Shotcut is a super nice editor. Thanks a lot for making this!


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This is not usually needed. Panel focus in Shotcut is weak by design. The keyboard shortcut target specific areas and are usually available regardless of panel focus.

OK. Thanks for your prompt reply.

In case you are you trying bring a panel in a background tab to the foreground using keyboard, easiest thing to do is use Ctrl+4 for Playlist twice: once to hide and another to open and raise it. See view menu items for shortcuts to all panels.

Ah, that works. Thanks a lot!

Well, using those shortcuts is a tad troublesome. Let me explain my workflow, and how I run into “problems”. Maybe there is a better way of doing this?

  • Play a clip, and add it to timeline using V.
  • Using the mouse, go to the effects window and add the Gain / Volume effect.
  • Type in a value in the level input field.
  • Use TAB to submit the value (Enter won’t work).
  • Press Alt and LEFT key to navigate to the start of this clip, in the timeline.
  • Press Space to play the clip
  • Press S to split the clip (at any random point)
  • Press Ctrl + Space to select the clip under the playhead (normal behaviour). Here I run into a problem as instead of selecting the clip the value of the effect is reset. The volume for Gain / Volume is reset to 0 when pressing Ctrl + Space.

After you tabbed out of the numeric field, the focus was on the undo/reset button next to it such that pressing ctrl+space pressed the button. Shotcut cannot be entirely controlled by keyboard. If you strongly want that, work on the code yourself as it is not my highest priority. To take focus away from something, the easiest thing to do is to click to something else with the mouse. If you want to be safe and not potentially disturb something click the video region in the player to take focus away from everything. Maybe I can figure out a way to add a way to keyboard shortcut for that.

Thanks a lot for explaining this, Dan. I understand this is not on top of your list. It would, however, be super nice with a shortcut that removes focus.

Shotcut is a great editor as it is today. Next to Shotcut I’ve worked with Avid, Premiere, Kdenlive and Lightworks. Shotcut is my favourite!

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Thank you for the compliment. I added keyboard shortcut Shift+Escape for the next version to defocus - the equivalent of mouse-clicking the player. Escape is already used to clear filter search or close the filter chooser if it has focus, or switch players otherwise. Ctrl+/Alt+Esc are already used by Windows desktop.

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You’re welcome. It’s very well deserved. And thanks heaps for the defocus shortcut. That is really appreciated!

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