Shorcut eats all PC memory


My PC - Win11, i9, 128 GB ram, Shortcut version 24.02.29

When I insert video file /size: 4 GB, *.ts/ to timeline, usage of my memory after few seconds is 100%. On Win 10 no problems, but today i upgraded PC to Win11…

I am not able to reproduce it; so, I doubt we can fix it unless you share it with us somehow. BTW, .ts is ambiguous and can contain just about anything. You need to convert this file. You can try to use Properties > Convert inside Shotcut if simply opening the .ts file into the Source player tab does not consume all of your memory. Otherwise, you need to use another converter.

I told myself not to intervene anymore for the performance problems encountered… But this message is similar to mine on memory, particularly with MLT clips. Memory and waveform
If you disable the display of audio waves in the timeline, does the problem persist?