Shocut has scaled every single clip in the video timeline

I’m really not sure what has happened here or how to fix it. Any help will be greatly appreciated. I’m using version 20.04.12

I record screencasts then edit them in shotcut mainly cutting video and apply audio filters nothing fancy. On a recent project, I decided to scale some of the clips to have a zoom effect on certain areas of the screen, I’ve done this in the past with no issue. I scaled about 4/5 clips and all was working well, then I deleted a clip and continued on to scale the next 2 in the timeline.

When I came to export the clip I noticed the entire timeline is now scaled (zoomed in) when I didn’t set any filters on the clips apart from 7/8 clips which are all scaled correctly. Looking back at shotcut now every single clip on the timeline is scaled in but none of them (apart from the 7/8 I did) have any filters set on them? So there’s nothing to remove yet the video is scaled in.

Does anyone know whats happened here and how do I reverse it?

Filters can also be applied to an individual track head and to the Master track head. Any filters on those objects will ripple down to any clips within them. Sounds like that happened here. Look for a funnel icon beside the track’s name on the far left of the timeline window.

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Thank you Austin, that was exactly what had happened. Thank you for your help.

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