"Shiny" text effect - Silver and Gold - made in Shotcut

It isn’t horrendously difficult. I keyframed a 4sec clip, using mostly discreet keyframes on the Brightness filter on V1:

and ended up with this, which isn’t bad for a 1 minute attempt. By the way, the 4 sec clip took just 11 secs to export on my Microsoft Surface Pro, so not too expensive an effect.


Great, @Elusien!! Thanks for the instructions - useful.

How about this?
Took less than 2 minutes:

How I did it: Went to https://codepen.io/peralP/pen/qBRdKXz
Replaced words (left panel) with SHOTCUT, 100%, Brilliant.
Magnified size of browser with CTRL+wheel.
Captured the whole screen for 15 seconds using ShareX.
Imported resulting MP4 into Shotcut.
Applied Crop:Rectangle filter to isolate just the design.
Applied Size Position Rotate filter to centre the design.
Added some music (“Candide Overture” by Leonard Bernstein).
Exported as an MP4.

Design by “PeralP”.


Not bad at all, as I said to @seemon I’d probably go the HTML route, similar to the neon-glow credits here:

that I did with webvfx and my “final credits generator”:


Nice … ok will try this Elusien.
Say … what’s the “Level” panel about … never thought we had this before … or is another way to display the key frame? Looks better than the previous version. Thought I am using the latest version.

Wait … is the elusien credits still working in latest shotcut version !!.
I stop doing credit as I don’t have easy way to do it … atleast I thought so after “HTML” overlap thingy was remove … or maybe I just didn’t understand.

I’m using version 20.11.27 and the “level” pane has been there since as long as I can remember keyframes being introduced, so I’m sure they are there on the latest version. I can’t imagine Dan removing such a useful feature.

Unfortunately my “Credits” use the old Shotcut’s WebVfx feature (there is a disclaimer on the webpage stating this). I keep a copy of version 20.07.11 which was the last to support this feature and use that to create HTML effects that I save as a transparent .mov file, or green screen that I import into later versions that don’t support WebVfx. It is even easier if transparency is not required.

Nice and easy!
Love it!

I was just thinking of a single one glow right after the highlighting and than the glow sets down :slight_smile: