Sharing two videos featuring newly-composed flute music

Here are my latest two videos, OF COURSE all made with Shotcut.
To highlight just a few notable techniques:
Video 1 - I made a few black and white overlay videos, then overlaid them on top of the footage, selecting Blend mode (SUBTRACT). The white disappears, showing the footage underneath, and the black showing on top.

Video 2: Note the cool animated title (A PRAYER FOR PEACE) - created using @elusiens’ brilliant ANIMATED TEXT STROKES system - No. 3 on this page:

This man is a GENIUS!

Enjoy the music …


Very nice videos, with very beautiful music.

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Thank you @TimLau ! As you can hear, I progressed from learning the recorder to the flute … :wink:

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I love both songs. Each one is a fitting companion to the messages shared in the videos. Quite emotional actually.

I noticed the black overlays (first video) before reading your description here. Looks very good in this type of video. I’ll remember that :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing!


Sincèrement vous êtes un VRAI artiste, merci de nous faire profiter de votre talent.

Sincerely you are a REAL artist, thank you for sharing your talent with us.


To be honest I simply provide tools to produce the brilliant results from the hands of artists such as yourself.

The music in these videos was so evocative and the techniques shown in the first video slidshow were exceptional. I don’t believe there was a single thing that could have been improved. I am totally impressed.

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@MusicalBox , @Namna and @Elusien - thank you all for your comments. Shotcut rocks! Sometime I’ll try to find time post the black and white overlay videos I made and used in my video 1.

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Oops, I made a mistake - the filter is Blend mode - (MULTIPLY), not SUBTRACT…

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