Shake Filter

I would really like there to be a fast shake feature, I know there is nervous and stabilise but these don’t give the desired effect that I am looking for. I purpose an in between the two shakes that has lots of customisation. (like the one in Premiere)

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I would say this is very limiting.

  1. its just a bunch of key frames making it so you can’t customise it. (without it taking a long time)
  2. its only one second.
  3. its still not as fast as I want it.
    If you have ever seen the Triggered meme some youtubers use I want it that speed and at the moment shotcut doesn’t have that.

You don’t have to use the preset. It’s very easy to make your own.

If you use the SP filter multiple times and trim the filters it can be extended as long as you want.

I guess your right but it still doesn’t fix the other things. Thanks for helping btw