Separating game audio and voice over in a video?

For splitting vocals from music check this out

You have to do it outside of shortcut, and the output is just wavs, but pretty amazing syne of the results

Hi again!

I know now, why your layout in the ‘Output-settings’ are different:
Go to ‘Advanced’ at ‘Output Mode’!
Yours is still ‘Simple’

you can simply right click on your footage and click detach audio from there you can export the audio into a audio editing software and then remove any other noise you don’t want (you need the latest version of shotcut

The topic is splitting game sound and voiceover.

There is no noise I want to remove. I want to keep both the game sounds and voice, just be able to change the volume on them separately.

I went to that website and have no idea what that is.

This software is for programmers and has no GUI.

Jebus, don’t know what to say to that!

The code hosted there will take a input audio file, and can split it into compenents, like vocals only, and music only. At that point, the generated/derived audio can be added to any audio tool, shortcut, audacity, etc as seoaratw tracks and each stream can be treated separately. So as you said increase or decrease the vocals or the music.

The tool is command line only and takes a bit of setup, but when one sees it in action… The limits are only your imagination

What does that mean? A tool is a tool!

I don’t know how to code.

It is installing a executable, which I’ll give you here is hard and involved if you are not computer savvy, probably too hard. I had to try it on a few computers before I got it running. But that was a function of other crap I had installed.

Once installed it is running and executable. That should be a basic skill.

None of it is code or coding, that’s a different beast.

Take the time out and learn, there are so many cool things out there

@Hudson555x @DvS I’ve done something now in the setting while trying to make these changes and now it’s not recording any sounds at all. Could you look at my settings and see what I might have done wrong, please?



I don’t know if its too late to say, but I made a video tutorial about using separate audio tracks in Shotcut a couple years back that might help with separating audio tracks within a single video if you’re looking for something visual:

I notice your desktop audio is pointed at your graphics card. Do you have other audio devices to choose from? Your desktop audio might be transmitting on another device like a USB headset for example. If so you’ll want to switch and see if it outputs a signal.

I have mine set to Default for Desktop Audio. All game sounds generally got there unless you have some weird set up or changed a lot of settings. If your game sounds don’t go to the Desktop, I’m not sure how to help.

Your current setting is looking for an audio source from your monitor. Unless you directed a sound to your monitor this setting will not work.

This question isn’t really about the separating so if I need to make a new post I will, but since my last video didn’t have any sound, can I use Shotcut to do a voiceover on it?

Here’s a tutorial for it.

Direct show has been renamed to Audio/Video device.

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@sauron I managed to do it! Thank you! At least one thing has worked for me!

This is an older tutorial, but has anything improved in the meantime?
I find it incredibly complicated after this procedure, because it doesn’t allow ‘synchr-dubbing’.
For documentation, like in this example, it is quite useful if you have time.

What is synchr-dubbing? I found this pretty easy, but all I was having to do was narrate what was happening in my video, so there wasn’t much to it.

A GUI is available for Spleeter.

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