Selected Clip Behavior

Is there a way to change the default behavior of the selected clip after splitting them?

Currently, splitting a clip on the timeline, automatically selects the clip to the left of the split. Can I change it to the right clip somehow…

EDIT. Splitting a clip that was not selected already, doesn’t automatically select the left or the right, I hadn’t done that yet.

PS. I am aware that CTRL + SPACE selects clips on the current track…


No, I don’t think so. But that is a pretty neat idea! :grin:

Personally I would love to see the program have more customizable settings and behaviors like this in the ( most likely far off ) future.

But for now it can’t be too much of a hassle to just select the next clip, right? :wink:

Correct, its not a big deal. It was worth asking though… :grinning: