See if you can solve this weird puzzle for me

On a video I’ve done that is just over 5 minutes long…

At 5:26, the video “shrinks” by a small amount - as if the amount of scale in Rotate and Scale was suddenly 10 or 20 units less. But the whole video has the same value.

This had 2 video tracks (track 2 keyed out light blue) and there was also a simple text that came up from the bottom. Repeated attempts to remove the whole thing (resaving the project), then adding it back in again and I still ended up with the same problem.

So now I create a new project and recreate that same section with all the same filters and settings. Bingo, works fine! So I exported that as a video and added it to the timeline of my original project. Guess what? At the exact same spot, the video shrinks - but when you watch the exported video separately, it looks fine.

I now grabbed 3 other random videos and added them to the timeline - Every video shrinks at that timeline spot.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this?

Your wizardry will be greatly appreciated!! Derbydog

Forgot to mention I’m using windows 10 and shotcut 20.7.11

Here are two screen shots that shows the difference.

You have filter on Output.


That might be causing the issue.

You have a filter on the Master/Output track.

What filters do have on that clip you are showing?

I’ve just checked the last 4 versions (I resave as incrementing versions anytime I do any major changes)…and none of them have a filter on the output. In my screenshots you can see its not activated.

The clip that is having the problem - This is the clip I recreated in a new project, then exported as a file, then added to this video.

In the original timeline clip, i had two video tracks, V2 was the film strip - this had Rotate and Scale, Simple key (light blue) and Simple text with a preset move that came up from the bottom. V1 had the picture of the couple, this had rotate and scale filter.

My point here is : even when I remove these items and then just grab any video from any other source and add to the timeline, I have the same problem in exactly the same spot…???
One thing to note, this project was mostly created in the version prior to 20.7.11. I updated and continued to work on the project - no idea if this is relevant or not.
Greatly appreciate your efforts to help me problem solve this…


Gentlemen…I stand corrected. Turns out that I did have Rotate and Scale turned on for the output. Honestly don’t know how I did that as I wasn’t even aware you could apply a filter to the whole timeline.

Having said that, it still doesn’t make sense to me why the videos “shrink” at the same spot. Turning that off doesn’t change anything other than stuff on the rest of the timeline is not the right size.


After you applied the filter to the Master/Output, you kept working on your video and made adjustments and added filters against what the Master/Output filter was doing. The other filters do not auto-adjust when you turn one filter off.

In further looking into this, it appears that my very first version (#1), I had accidentally turned on that filter for the whole timeline. Turning that filter off, does not change whats happening with this clip.

Here is a link to youtube with a video of whats happening
You can see halfway through the section of the couple keyed into the film strip, that the entire picture shrinks.
I can remove that entire section and replace it with any other video and the same problem happens at the exact spot on the timeline.
Both the film strip and the couple picture are .jpg’s that have been stretched to the time I needed.

Each have filters - the film strip (V3) - this has Rotate and Scale, Chroma key simple. V1 had the picture of the couple, this has rotate and scale filter. Both had Old film projector and Scratches filters.

It appears that this problem started with version 9 - version 8 plays fine. I’ve cross compared all the effects on both jpgs and they are identical. I did upgrade shotcut to 20.7.11 but have no idea when I did this - it was likely around version 8 or 9.

Not sure if any of this info helps…
thx Derbydog

You still have a filter applied to Master/Output. Remove the filter.

Yes…when I remove the filter it plays fine (I was positive I tried this yesterday when you told me and it didn’t make any difference…??). But now many of the other things in the timeline are now not properly aligned.

It appears that this shrinking occurs when I “split” the video or the jpg so I can add a simple text in the second part.

So how does this explain that when I took other videos and put them in that same spot on the timeline, the video shrank at exactly that same spot? These videos had absolutely no filters on them.

Guess I’ll go back and re-align the other elements . Greatly appreciate your time with this issue


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