"Scrub while draghino" and "Ripple trim and drop" functions what do they do?

I recently approached Shotcut, but I realized that it is a great software for video editing with functions often only available on commercial software. It is also quite simple and intuitive in use, even for those who are a beginner.
I’m trying to understand all the functions even if I have some difficulty since the documentation on its use is really scarce and generally reduces only to the basic functions.
In this my approach for example I could not understand the function “Scrub while dragging”, in what it consists: you can explain it with few words but in a precise way.
Also for the function “Ripple Trim and Drop” I would need clarification because I did not understand what it does.
I hope to get some help in order to become more experienced in the software.

Plays audio while dragging the playhead.
“Ripple Trim and Drop” = No idea, never used it, clicking it seems to not affect any subsequent actions on the timeline.