Scrolling Issues After Update

After updating to version 20.02.17, the ability to scroll vertically and horizontally in the timeline has somehow been inverted, I believe. Everything else works fine but when I need to scroll down to the bottom tracks in the timeline or vice versa, it scrolls horizontally so I am forced to use the scroll bars to scroll vertically.

This has slowed down my workflow for my current/future production projects and I am hoping that this issue gets rectified immediately. Any suggestions, solutions or fixes would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

This was listed as an intentional change in the release notes. Hold Alt while scrolling to go vertical. More options are provided on the Keyboard Shortcuts page under the Mouse Wheel section:

I appreciate the response but do you know why this is an intentional change? Scrolling with the wheel of a mouse, of any kind, by itself (without using additional keys) should be one of the first and basic functions of using it.

I don’t know what prompted the change or what the official reason was, but I remember that the forum post where it was discussed had a lot of positive feedback for scrolling by time rather than vertically. I guess many people had few enough tracks or a tall enough timeline that vertical scrolling wasn’t being used and they wanted to repurpose the wheel. Some people dock the timeline on the right edge rather than the bottom to give it more vertical space.

I understand. That does make sense for some but Shotcut should have left it as an optional choice because not everyone is going to be fine with that. Instead, it has to be obligatory for everyone. I don’t think it is fair but I guess I have to live with it. Thanks for the response, once again!

I didn’t like this change either.
Figured out how to undo it.
You can send me a PM and I can show you how to revert it.

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