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Is it a problem or not? I will not comment, but there is such a situation.

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You mean that ‘jumping back to cursor’ after an editing action?
That was always so.

@DvS do you think this is a problem?

For me this is not a problem! I just had to change my way of working and that’s a few more mouse clicks.

sometimes it can be frustrating.
Space bar is enough to jump to where the cursor is

Workaround: move the playhead to a location near where you are going to resize a clip.

I don’t like this behavior as well though. I think in the past shotcut would jump to the end of a clip when you add it to the timeline, which I found irritating as well. It doesn’t do that any more. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t make logical sense to me either. Hypothetical user story: “As a user, when I resize a clip, the moment I release my mouse, I want the timeline view to jump to the location of the playhead.”

My guess is that the jump-to-playhead has something to do with refreshing the sequence/timeline view after making a change.

EDIT: I just realized that moving a clip also jumps back to the playhead, as does deleting a clip.

I already know it.
If this is appropriate for the majority, it’s okay

I agree that this is frustrating. The behavior doesn’t make sense. If the user scrolls to another part of the timeline away from the playhead to delete a clip or otherwise then the user is already aware of where the playhead is. There is no need for the timeline to refocus back on the playhead after completing an action away from the playhead. It confuses users. It also adds an unneeded step in order to prevent this from happening because you always have to place the playhead where you are going to be performing an action.

If the timeline is scrolled away from the playhead, the refocus goes to the playhead when the user goes forward or backward a frame or when they press play. That makes sense and the refocus to the playhead should be limited to that.

May I chip in here and say I totally agree with this! I’ve been caught out many times with this - having to remember to click in the timeline when I want to Shotcut to continue playing after an operation on a clip away from the playhead.

I think that’s fine for simple bits of editing, but now in 20.02 with the introduction of enhanced timeline scrolling features, (plus I’ve been making great use of @KKnBB’s marvellous proxy tool), I’ve been able to get a real speed up with editing on the timeline. And it may be only a few more clicks but it can get frustrating and impede workflow, IMHO.

So just to add my agreement for the above comments.

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This is fixed for the next version.

Many operations require refreshing the video display. Whenever a frame is displayed, the timeline component updates its current time position. Whenever the position changes, the playhead needs to reflect it. Whenever the playhead moves, the timeline viewport scrolls to show the playhead (with some exceptions). The problem was the timeline assuming a frame being displayed as a position change even if there was no actual change.


Awesome, @shotcut - thank you.

While on this subject, I wonder if I could just request another (related) feature? Which is - that when you double-click a long clip (whose left-hand edge is not in view on the timeline) to send the playhead to its beginning, that the timeline view adjusts so that the playhead becomes in view?

Best explained by this process:

  1. Drag a long clip to the preview pane.
  2. Press PLUS on timeline (playhead shoots to the right-hand edge of clip. Left-hand edge of clip is no longer in view).
  3. Now say you want to send the playhead to the beginning of the clip. So you double-click the clip.
    Playhead does move to the beginning of the clip, BUT the timeline view remains unchanged, so in effect the playhead disappears. You have to scroll the timeline to get it in view. I think it would be more intuitive if the timeline view adjusts so that the playhead becomes in view.

Or does this new fix address this?

OK, I agree and that simple change is made.


Super- thanks @shotcut!:+1:

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