Sci-fi diorama showcase

Here are a couple showcases I made with Shotcut I used some of the features like fading, color grading and some keyframed zoom & pan (at the end of the fist one), hope you all enjoy!

Oh and a ton of masking was used to hide my walls in my apartment!


That was some really good shooting, lighting and editing. :+1: It takes some real skill to keep my attention for about 8 minutes between two videos of essentially still models. Nice work! Do post more.

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Cool! Out of interest, how tall are the action figures?

It stands at roughly seven inches depending on the leg stance.

Thank you, that was precisely the challenge I felt when making this so I’m glad it held your attention!

Wow. I really thought it must be CGI at times.

Realy nice work, @mina. :+1::+1: I’d echo exactly what @drm said in his post above. And I applaud that you changed the video action at precise times to fit with the change of mood in the music. Must have taken ages to put together!

@shotcut Thank you very much! I found your program to be very user friendly for my needs.

@jonray Thanks!, luckily for me my shooting table is about 4 feet away from my computer so I can put the shots together a little faster by doing them one or two at a time.

I see really great artwork in these videos.
I really liked the use of lighting and the generation of shadows to emphasize the details. The montage of the scenes attracts attention. The duration is adequate so as not to lose interest.
The music also contributes to that coherent working environment.
If I had to choose a detail of each video (in addition to the above) I would be left with the end of the first video, where the space appears in front of the figure and the boot stepping on a skull in the second video.
Congratulations and thank you for sharing this. I felt like recording some of my CI-FI models, but now they are stored in boxes in the closet, because I no longer have a place to display them (and I don’t have your creativity to do something remotely similar to your videos).

Thank you very much! I’m glad to see you picked up and liked those little “moments” in the video!

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Simple et efficace, j’aime particulièrement la prise de vue et l’éclairage.
On ne voit pas l’énorme travail que cela représente, et pour moi c’est cela l’art.

Simple and effective, I particularly like shooting and lighting.
We do not see the enormous work that this represents, and for me that’s art.

Ah merci beaucoup! I agree with that view of art.

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thanks for sharing

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