Scalable transparent callouts?

Is there a way to add re-scalable box or circle callouts in Shotcut? I’ve (hopefully) attached an image of what I’m trying to achieve. They don’t need to “sketch,” but they do need to be vector-like in their adjustable dimensions.

Not sure what you mean by this.

You can create all sorts of shapes with external applications such as Gimp and save them as png or svg with transparent backgrounds. Then use these for callouts.

You can also use a color clip with 2 mask simple shape filters to create shapes. Then use the size and position filter to size and animate them. Use the fill parameter to scale the shape, or the distort parameter to scale and alter the shape.

This project has 4 shapes that you can experiment with.

Callout Shapes.mlt (20.7 KB)

Hi @sauron, I just opened your Callout Shapes .mlt and it gave me 4 video tracks - but with nothing on each.

The callouts are in the playlist. They need to be put on the timeline as needed.

Ah. My fault, thanks!! DOH!!:smiley:

@Mothdevil, this html file
Revealing box animation by (30.6 KB)
should give you this:

which you can scale, change colour etc.

Make sure the webvfx file is in the same folder as the .html file. And apply to a clip in Sc via the Overlay HTML filter.

That’s GREAT! Thank you!

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