SC quick alignment of clips and mass delete

I spent a lot of time always trying to align clips and re-used previous template of clips prove quite challenging.

Is there a way in SC to quickly align a set of clips that sometimes get “misaligned” ?
Also any quick way to rid of a set of clips shown in diagram below ? rather than doing it clip by clip that can get confusing when you have many clips to rid of, and not affecting other clips on right side that I need to keep ?

Try multi-select. Press and hold either Shift or Ctrl (depending on if the clips are in a row or scattered) while selecting them to select multiple clips. To delete multiple clips and keep the existing clips intact make sure to press the Lift button in the toolbar (it’s the icon of an arrow pointing up), Z or Delete key.

Thanks @DRM.
This works … well my actual requirement require the “intact” clips on the right side to shift to the beginning of the timeline bar. Is that even possible ? With the hints you given on the Lift button that I never really understood its use in the past … I tried the rest of the other button. In this case I try the “Ripple Delete” icon which I felt maybe closest.

The right side of clips does not all go to the beginning of timeline.
Maybe there is other ways to delete ?? I have lots of clips on right size and it gets complicated when the clips are video that is quite long and visually hard to see how I need to re-algin.


After using “Ripple Delete” …
After Clips Delete

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