Saved Video is Changed

Hi, I’ve been having a problem where I trim and arrange all my clips in a video, but after I close out of shotcut and reopen it, all my clips have been rearranged and are no longer trimmed properly. I also tried exporting a video, and the exported video wasn’t trimmed or arranged correctly either.

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This can happen when you are working with variable frame rate video, which is incompatible with video editors. A lot of screen and game capture software captures this way. Sometimes Shotcut detects this and prompts you to convert it. You can also click a checkbox on that dialog and never see the warning again. (The next version increases the chance this dialog will appear if it was not muted.) You can click each clip that is affected and choose Properties > Convert. If you are referring to a general problem; there is no known problem in versions from the past year.

Thanks for the help, that worked!

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