Save Internet Page - Specialy from Shotcut Tutorials

About the Filter Set - Real Barn Door Transition:
I am trying to save the page so I can read it while offline as a tutorial.
I point the mouse on an empty place on the page, right click and save as, after several seconds download is finished.
There is the ‘html’ symbol and a folder same name.
I click on the symbol, the page opens, all its content shows for second or two and all gone, only empty page stays.
Checked some other page from the tutorials - same issue.
Note: I did the same with some other sites - it works nice.

Is there some reason this page cannot be saved ?
Answers will be appreciated.

Browser: Google Chrome 120.0.6099.71 64 bit (Updated)
OS Windows 10 pro 19045.3803 22H2 x64
PS. Tryed with ‘Firefox’ - same issue

Maybe it has something to do with the background auto-refresh of the forum page that looks for new notifications every X seconds?

The forum software (not written by us) is not designed to support this. I suggest you try to print to PDF instead.

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Hi @motim, are you on Windows? What I would do is use the Windows “snipping tool” (or other screen capture software* like ShareX) and capture your screen and save it as a JPG or PNG.

*PS this reminds me, for many years ago I used the freeware “MW Snap” which was brilliant. I just checked and it’s still available for download (Windows only) … MW Snap

Occasionally I use my phone for stuff like this. I like that it has a scroll down on the screenshot toolbar, and it will automatically stitch long pages into one continuous image. Obviously screenshots aren’t as readily searchable though, since the text is all flattened into an image. It’s also not as convenient to cut & paste text from screenshots later, if that’s needed.

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