Save complexe title with animations as a module?

When I create a complex title with animations of two or three pictures, text, … it can be very Time consulting. Is it possible to save this complex item as a module so that I Can reuse it in other projects ?


I don’t know if this is the best way to re-use work in Shotcut, but what I have starteed to do is open a previously finished project and then cut/paste items between the finished project and my new one.

Workflow (assuming Microsoft Windows)

  1. Pin Shotcut program icon to Task Bar (using right-click on Start Menu item)

  2. Use File explorer to navigate to old project

  3. Double-click on old project, resolve any path issues

  4. Right click on Shotcut icon in Task Bar

  5. A second Shotcut instance should open up

  6. Hover mouse over Task Bar Shotcut icon

  7. Your Shotcut instances should appear above the icon

  8. Click on Old project

  9. Click on artifact in Old project you wish to duplicate

  10. CTRL-C to copy it

  11. Hover mouse over Task Bar Shotcut icon

  12. Click on New project

  13. Create whatever track(s) you need in Timeline (Audio or Video)

  14. Select the track you wish to place artifact (by clicking on its left header)

  15. Press on “b” or CTRL-V (“b” does not push ahead items in timeline, CTRL-V does)

Hope that helped?

Professor Graham Leach

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Yes, already available using

In addition to the above you can drag a project into the Playlist or Timeline of another project do import a MLT XML as a clip.
Alternatively, you can create the complex title in the included Glaxnimate, which can also import pictures. And then open/import the animation to use as an asset just like any other asset.

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Hello @GrahamLeach,
Thank you for your very interesting feedback. However, I have a little difficulty seeing how this applies to one of my projects. Probably a short video would be helpful ?

Hello @shotcut,
Thank you for your answer. As said to @GrahamLeach, a short video would be helpful ?

Hi @Fantomas , I have no time to write a description but this short video may help you understand.
EDIT: (Actually, sorry, I deleted the video link because on second thought it includes some private files on my desktop)

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Hello @jonray,
Don’t worry. Not urgent. Moreover quote busy.

Thanks @Fantomas. It’s quite easy - save your title as a MLT file.
Then -
Shotcut open MLT as clip