Rotate don't run correct and shotcut crashes

I have the newest version (22.09.23) and windows 10 with all releases. If i want to rotate a ihpone video (the video has 1080x1920) with the filter rotate then rotate only the video not the sizes.

If i want to change the size from 1080x1920 then shotcut chrashes. What can i do? Is that a bug?
Thanks for your answers.

Hi @Mikel007

This looks like a bug yes. I experience crashes also after rotating the clip and trying to resize.

It works fine in version 22.06.23 thought. Until this is fixed, you could download the portable version of 22.06.23 and use it when you need to rotates your iPhone videos.


Thanks for your answer. Yes, i have downloaded an older version and this works.

You’re welcome.
Can you edit your first post and change the category to Bug ?

It looks that anyone has done it for me :slight_smile:

For workarounds, use Properties > Rotation to change orientation. Or, in this filter try changing the size using Zoom because while typing it seems the value goes to or near 0 momentarily. This was fixed for the next version 22.10

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