Rotate and Scale truncation newbe question

I have watched a few rotate tutorials but I am not getting the same result. When I am going from a vertical format to a horizontal format, the background stays vertical and the sides of the video are getting chopped off. How do I rotate the full image from portrait to landscape? I have version

Have you seen this tutorial?

Not this one, I will check it out. Thanks!

I followed the video step by step and still get the same result:

Any suggestions?

It doesn’t seem like you did. At about 50 seconds in the tutorial, it tells you to change the Video Mode before you start the project. That photo seems to have had the project start with the Video Mode on Automatic which means it automatically took on the resolution of the video your are trying to make horizontal.

Thanks, I thought I changed it, but didn’t close after changing the setting. I gave it another try and we have a winner! FWIW, I thought the tutorial video was VERY well done.

And thank you for your patience with me!

No problem. :slightly_smiling_face:

And that video tutorial was from the man behind Shotcut, Dan. That’s from the official Shotcut youtube channel.

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