"Ripple Markers" bugs

What is your operating system?
Windows 10 pro

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Ripple Markes is fully broken. Markers disapear when moving ( video with the bug) or get moved to wrong spot not following original video it was supposed to ( not on the video but it also happens).

Able to duplicate, only if the first clip selected is moved beyond the next clip on the same track.
Shotcut 22.04.25
Windows 10 Home

Both of the examples being shown are resulting in clips being reordered. I am not sure what should happen to markers if clips are reordered with ripple markers on. Should the clips follow the moved clip? Or should they stay with all the other clips.

I think this would be a wonderful pinned poll for the forum.

Maybe. However, I find the use case discussion more helpful.

If the marker is on top of a single clip It would be better for it to follow the clip since probably its the one marked instead of a specific time.

If there are multiple tracks with clips on the marked spot it gets complicated.
One way to implement would be to add the mark to the current selected track so the software and user know what is being marked and that the mark will follow.

Your suggestion is more about clip markers. Timeline markers are not actually marking clips. They are marking the time. Some may be using them as semi-clip markers now simply because there is no clip markers available but that’s not actually their purpose.

I don’t think that behavior makes any sense to begin with. When a clip is moved beyond the group of clips it precedes with the Ripple buttons on, the expectation is that the rest of the clips will follow accordingly. This behavior of the group of clips not following the moved clip when it goes beyond the groups of clips is nothing more than the function breaking. If that can be fixed then the issue with the markers is easily solved.

I don’t need marks to follow the timeline instead of a video. If other users need this funcionality there is a diferent way to implement this feature. The software could mark a clip only if its selected. If no clip is selected the mark is goes only to the timeline and if will stay in the same time regardless of video positioning.

You seem to be new to Shotcut. Timeline markers and clip markers are two separate features. They are not the same feature. Timeline markers were implemented first. Clip markers will be implemented at some point later on. Clip markers are listed in the Road Map. You can see the Road Map here.

Thanks. I guess current state is complicated since we are using timeline markes as clip markers.

You can try to make it not move any markers in this case.

Wouldn’t that just be the same as "Ripple Markers " turned off? The way it is now at least it works without crossing Clips.

I think this discussion relates to the one going on here:

As Dan stated, some behaviors depend on whether the clip remains on the same track or moves to another track.

I could look into that. I think the marker ripple code does not know about other clips - but that is an implementation specific detail.

It still relates to this though because the issue in this thread is where the markers are going and where they are going is really based on how the clips are behaving with the Ripple buttons on. In short, the expectation is that the clips are playing “follow the leader” with the clip that is being moved. But once the clip moves beyond the group of clips they no longer follow which breaks the expected behavior. Is there a way that could be fixed?