Ripple dragging a clip rightward pushes all clips to the right of it further right

What is your operating system?
Windows 10 Home

What is your Shotcut version (see Help > About Shotcut)? Is it 32-bit?

Can you repeat the problem? If so, what are the steps?
Ripple dragging a clip rightward pushes all clips to the right of it further right, leaving an empty hiatus in between, rather than inserting it where it’s dragged to, as when ripple dragging it leftward. The operation should be symmetric, regardless of whether the clip is dragged to the right or to the left.

Is this a bug ?
It work as expected, when you drag a clip to the right every thing after is moved to the right also, this is how ripple mode is supposed to work IMHO.
You might want it to work in another way, but that is a suggestion, not a bug

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I see… Don’t you expect drag right to be symmetric to drag left? Or for drag to behave the same as cut-paste?

Lorsque le bouton “Ripple” est désactivé, le déplacement vers la droite se comporte bien comme le glissement vers la gauche.

When the “Ripple” button is disabled, dragging to the right behaves just like dragging to the left.

Right, @Namna, I’m referring to ripple dragging.

@Andre.Levy , do you mean Ripple trimming instead of ripple dragging?
I think ripple works differently on Adobe Premiere when trimming clips.

No, I mean ripple dragging, as in click-and-dragging a clip.

I never used Adobe Premiere; only Davinci Resolve and Apple iMovie.

In that case, I also think that as it is, the ripple tool works as it should.

Here’s an article I found that explains what is ripple editing. Here, it says:

When ripple editing, everything you do to an item affects that item and any item to the right of it, but not the items on the left.

Sounds like that it’s exactly what happens in Shotcut.

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This version doesn’t exist.
Do you mean 22.01.30?

If you are wanting to move all the clips to the right, leave ripple off.
Select all clips you want to move, then drag to the right.
Version 22.01.30

That’s precisely what I don’t want to do, and in fact what ripple rightward drag is doing, even without selecting other clips. What I thought it would do is switch places between the dragged clip and the clips to the left of its destination, pushing them leftward, just as shotcut does when we ripple cut and paste.

Perhaps instead it should say:

When ripple editing, everything you do to an item affects that item and any item to the right of where it’s placed, but not to the left it.

Yeah, sorry. Corrected.

This is not a bug and intentional by design.

I see. Ok, changed it to suggestion then.

I see you’ve unlisted it. What does that do?

This sounds like Cut (ctrl+x) and Paste (ctrl+v) behaviour (regardless of ripple status).

It works this way so you have a way to open up a gap in the middle of a track or multiple tracks if ripple all tracks is on. This is almost necessary. Before or without this, one needs to understand that you can simply insert/paste or drop with ripple on and not worry about having space. We even used to tell people to insert something temporarily like a color clip and then lift it. However, people still look and ask for it, and I admit it can help create some working room without the need to move far away from the target area.

So, if you take that away something needs to be added. It could be a new timeline “tool” that pushes clips, but the Shotcut timeline is currently tool-less. Or it could be a certain keyboard modifier except Alt, which temporarily suspends snapping. And Ctrl or Shift might possibly conflict with the selection controls - if not technically then from a user experience. Maybe Ctrl+Shift could work except it then becomes a rather obscure feature for something frequently sought (not to mention all of the existing knowledge here and elsewhere that explains how to do this frequently requested thing).

Indeed it is, @daniel47. That’s what dragging, say, a segment of text, an image or an object in a word processor is (same as cut-paste, I mean), isn’t it?

I usually do this by simply ripple dragging the subsequent clip forward over the next clip, but not all the way. My expectation was that this would push the following clips forward, as shotcut does, but that if I dragged it past the next clip, coinciding the beginning of the former with the end of the latter, they would swap places. Shotcut does that when we ripple drag a clip backward, but not forward. I just feel that going backwards and forwards should be symmetric and mutually opposing, i.e. canceling, motions. Currently they aren’t.