Right Click Menu Does Not Appear In Text: Simple

When you are in the space to write text in Text: Simple, pressing the right button on the mouse would get you this menu:

In the last couple of versions this has been disabled.

It is not builtin on the new version of our library and the new API we are using as it was in the past. Perhaps we could add it, but it is very low priority. All the common shortcuts for text editing per OS work here.

I would count it as a regression. The right click menu appears if you go to Open Other > Text so it not being in the actual Text: Simple filter is a strange inconsistency. Plus the right click menu still appears for Text: Rich and in the timeline. Also many users would prefer using the right click menu to do certain actions.

OK, but we are not obligated to address every little regression or difference. The fact there is inconsistency simply shows you do not understand the technology reasons. I already know that means nothing to the end user, but I suggest you work on it if you find it important. There are about 46 fields like this that need additional code to add this menu.

You’re right I don’t but I’m not begging you to do anything. I pointed out this issue and you said it was low priority so I made a case for it. But if it’s really so much work to reinstate that menu that it would take time away from big issues then I think at least a note on the next update letting users know that for the time being the right click menu for this filter won’t be back would be good. I’m only suggesting that because it’s something that was available before and now it’s not so some might think it’s been overlooked.

This is done for the next version 21.04 for all input fields and not just Text: Simple’s text.