Ridiculous lag

This editing software is ridiculous all the time the page not responding and its just laggy I tried reporting this problem before but I dont get any help and its just getting annoying now

I am not sure what you are talking about is the website page not working or just shotcut is not working, If shotcut is not working then pls try tell how much ram you have.

Your specs:-

im using version 21.05.18
yes its always like that even if i have a version upgrade
processor:AMD athlon silver 3050e with raedon graphics 1.40GHz
installed memory (RAM) 4GB (3.39 GB USAGE)
resolution 1920x1080
aspect ratio 19:6

You are running lower than the required requirements of shotcut, shotcut requires 2ghz and you only have 1.4ghz. 4gb ram is the bare minimum, you can’t expect just 4gb ram to support video editing. At a point I would say you can edit videos with 4gb ram on shotcut but the CPU that you have doesn’t meet even the required requirements so it wouldn’t work.

You got answers in at least one of your other posts, but you never gave any feedback about those answers.
Did you try what was suggested to you?

EDIT: In fact, I just looked at all of your threads on the forum and although you got answered in all of them, you never got back to tell if it worked or not.


A minimum of courtesy and feedback on responses would be desirable for all users to benefit from queries.
It’s not an obligation, of course, that’s why I say courtesy because someone voluntarily dedicated their time to answer your query or doubt.
I can see that the queries have in common some performance issues with A/V delays and as @Ar_D says if the computer specs are inadequate you will not be able to have a correct experience with Shotcut.


That’s true, Infact I have got his system specs from only his fourth topic which is the same issue and he posted this issue first time in his fourth topic only, Brian and you have even posted to him the reason already and actually If I was in place of him then I have said you both have already solved my problem, there is no need to create a new topic for this, that is definitely a spec issue.

It’s a common misconception that when you purchase a new computer, and you install any software it all should work without any problems. The truth is laptops made with low grade parts do cost less, and are built for people who just use Facebook, and watch Netflix. Laptops for one can’t handle cooling of the CPU, which video editing is very CPU intensive. When the CPU has heavy use, the CPU heats up, and if the tiny fan can’t keep up with cooling, and heats up too much, there is internal software that slows your CPU down to prevent overheating.

Installing a program such as HwMonitor shows you CPU temps, fan speeds (for every fan that is controlled by the motherboard), and CPU core voltages. Your computer may have it’s own software to monitor temps/fan speeds as well.

This post wrote by Shotcut’s main developer is probably the best article to follow for your computer.

To kind of get an idea of what laptop can be used for video editing looks like for specs, check out this post. While it’s only reviewing one specific laptop, you’ll notice a huge difference in specs compared to your laptop.

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I was wondering why I got mentioned! and at a glance @RKV_2nd_Kiyingi you’re using a way under spec cpu but more importantly you need a lot more ram. That cpu CAN edit 1080p I’ve done it on similar ones but you need more ram and likely faster storage than whatever budget hdd or emmc was included on that system as well.

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