Rich Text settings gone from Mlt file?

Hi all,

I created a video/project/mlt file with Rich Txt in the .MLT 6 months ago.
Now I have gone back to the MLT file and the video with the rich txt opens and plays but when I select the area the Rich TXT appears the filters no longer show the details or allow me to update the appearance of existing rich Txt?

On creating the MLT file, each time I clicked on the area the Rich txt was, the Filters details appeared and allowed adjustment to the Rich Txt?

Windows 10 Pro ShotCut 22.12.21

Can you share a screenshot that shows the clip selected in the timeline and the filters panel where you are expecting the details to be? Most of the things you want to change are shown as an “overlay” on the preview.

The playhead must be over the clip with the filter. If you double-click a timeline clip, it selects and seeks to the first frame of the clip.

As per your picture that’s what appears for a new current project as expected.

But the below is the current issue, No break showing to Rich Txt, top right corner or ability to update Rich txt?

Yes I selected the box the Video/Txt option should appear.
Double Clicking did nothing?

Are you sure that the “7.6” in that video comes from a Rich Text filter? I see it in the thumbnail, which tells me it is a part of that video and not from a filter. The thumbnails do not include the filters. I see your project was “Repaired.” Was that because there were some missing files? If so, maybe you chose the wrong source clip and instead chose some clip that was exported with the filter applied.

I updated it multiple times and exported this to video but I thought the MLT would stay the same?
I am able to deleted things from it and Lift but just the Rich Txt does not allow adjustment?

I definitely spent ages creating each 7.6 score for each video section.
Is there a copy and paste option as I’m currently doing it again and needing to enter all the details to get the same appearance for each video section?
Edit: Found the copy and pasted doh doh doh!

Well, whatever you did baked the rich text (assuming you mean the “7.6” is the rich text) into a video that you included in the project. At that point the filter is gone and the text cannot be edited. You would need to locate the original video, and replace the timeline clip with it, and re-add the Rich Text filter. It is not a problem with Shotcut but with your workflow I guess.

I thought the playlist might be the cause but some how it seems baked in as you said and Iam referring to the 7.6 as the Txt- Rich
Learnt more today and speeding up editing…anything new in the latest Shotcut…ie AI features introduced?

I used the last project to slot in the new project items.
I split the ending and then Ripple deleted to go from video to vide but some of the old footage is showing for 0.25 of a second and I don’t seem to be able to remove due to being so small?

Doh Doh Doh…worked it out just stretched the mag glass to max and deleted!

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