Rich Text seems to realign itself to left

Hello all. I am relatively new to all this and have been enjoying playing with shotcut. What a great resource!

I’ve stumbled over something that I just can’t seem to figure out or find an answer for, so I really hope someone can help and it’s just me being dumb and missign something simple.

I ma tryingot add text centrally at the bottom of the video. It seems OK, but then when I playback to view changes, (or export and playback) the video, the text realigns to the left.

I have triedvarious things such as updatingot latest shotcut version, adding rich text to a new video layer with a colour block instead of over the video footage layer.

If anyone can show me what i am doing wrong, i’d be so grateful/ Here is a link to a screenshot. Left shows screen while editinghe filter. Right shows what the result is onc I have clicked of the filter editing. As you can see, it hops back to the left, and this is what is exported.

Many thanks all.


Hi @Bec

See this discussion:

Maybe your system display scale is not an integer value (100, 200, or 300%)

Example on how to set the display scale in Windows


Hi. Thank you so very much for your help, and for the link tothe other post which is exactly what I was looking for. Unfortunately, mine is set to 100%, so it sounds like I might be out of luck this time as it seems there is no fix.

Ah well. Time for a time-consuming workaround I reckon!

You could use the Text: Simple filter. It would work perfectly for what you’re trying to do in your project.

It does indeed! I did try this yesterday (not usingthe colour block layer), and it didn’t work for me (background transparency or something maybe?), but since I have discovered the colour block, that works perfectly along with the simple text. Thank you so very much.

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You’re welcome.

In Text: Simple, with the Background setting you can also create a color block around the text.
It is set to transparent by default (Alpha channel : 0) but you can set it to any color and increase the Padding to make the block bigger.

What version are you using? You can find the version number by clicking Help, then About Shotcut.

Latest version. (I updated before I posted this) as mentione in the original post, but my typing was so bad I wouldn’t besurpried if you missed it. :slight_smile:

It’s OK though - I have been able to achieve what I wanted with simple text and a colour block.

Just to clarify: I’m using the latest version is not accurate enough.
For example, at the moment the latest stable version is 22.06.23.
But there is also a newer version available for testing: v22.09 BETA

There are many differences between these two versions, That’s why it is important to specify what version number you are using.

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I was using the latest that isn’t beta - 22.06.23 if it helps anyone else. But you already helped me and it’s all good so, thank you very much. :slight_smile:

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