"RGB Noise" transparent bug

hello every1
i find a bug who is simillar to “RGB Shift” one, who was reported and fixed a few patches before.
now i find the same bug using RGB Noise filter on .png logo or image…when the filter is used the layer losing his transparent and become solid black.

i hope that you can understand me (bcz my terrible english may be a problem)
thank you and i hope that this bug will be fixed next patch.

If this happened to me I would use simple chroma key and key out the black, but of course this would only work on images that don’t have black in them. Apologies if this doesn’t work with what image you want to use.

may work… but why we need to make these extra operations when the main reason is till bug that need to be fixed

A simple workaround is to add a mask simple shape above the noise filter on the image that has a transparency.




I don’t seem to have a “RGB Noise” filter.
And I have no idea what post you’re referring to, but I did attempt to break something.
What am I missing?
Shotcut 19.08.16

This is the transparent png I used.

Yes, it helps to use the correct name, please. I reproduced this with Noise: Keyframes, which is the frei0r rgbnoise plugin. I made a note of this and hope to fix it sometime soon.

Never occurred to me to use just the Noise:Keyframes filter by itself. I think I have duplicated OP’s issue now.

From my example above, after removing RGB Shift, it’s totally black on V2, and glitches between transparency & all black on V1 when adjusting the percentage.

This is fixed for the next version of 19.09.

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