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I’m editing a best Reddit post about a specific subject, I would like to be able to reveal the text as the voice reads the text. I don’t know if making a block hide the text at first would be a good idea since my background and the text is all the same colour.

You could try using “Mask: Simple Shape” described in the following topic: Animating diagrams with "Mask: Simple Shape"
Basically you use the background of the post on one track and keyframe a mask to reveal the text on a second layer.

An alternative method would be adapting @jonray’s method for a handwriting effect (New tutorial on Youtube - handwritten or "write-on" text created with Shotcut and GIMP). You import a picture of the post and delete the text and use a gradient to fill the letters. You will have to fiddle around to make it work since the mask and your picture have to be aligned.

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Another way is to add the Crop: Rectangle to the text clip, and change the fill color’s alpha channel to 0. Then, animate with keyframes.

Would you be able to answer another question of mine for the same project?

The image of the Reddit post in my video before exporting it. When I compare the Reddit image quality to other big channels that have the same concept, their image is more high definition.

Could you help me get a better image quality, I’m using the default screen capture that comes with windows 10.

I tried in Shotcut reducing the size of the picture to get a little bit more quality, it still could get better.

The wrong exporting video setting is on my part a problem, but I’m sure I can get a better picture quality somehow.

Thank you in advance Samth

@shotcut That works if you want to reveal all lines of the text, but not for successively revealing the text. It is possible with mulitple text clips but I think multiple mask filters on the same clip is easier in this case. I will remember this method for simple reveals, though.

@Gablp You could try ScreeToGif (, which I use quite often, or ShareX (, which other forum members recommend.

Do you use the default export or custom settings?

I think I explained myself wrong , maybe it’s me that doesn’t understand.

I’m trying to use per example this picture:

If I go back on the Reddit post and use ScreeToGif with I be able to insert it in my video as a picture, a high definition picture?

For now, I tried a bunch of things, I tried the Youtube exporting format with different advanced setting, and I tried H.264 High Profile that Youtube suggest. Could you suggest a clear video export settings that I could apply knowing my situation?

You are so helpful thank you so much

You can save pictures/frames with ScreenToGif, not just gifs. For example like this:

But the picture you posted does not seem to be the problem. I find it sharp enough.

I used a screen shot in this video without any problems.
If you have the rendering time, you should uncheck the “Use hardware encoder” checkbox, since it trades speed for quality.
I modified the default export for a higher quality: I set a resolution of 1440p to force YouTube to use a different encoder, which should result in higher quality. I also changed the quality setting to 69 %.

My pleasure. I hope my suggestions will lead to the desired result.

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You need to use browser zoom to make the image large to begin with… always work from the source to increase size. Perhaps adding a 2nd monitor would be a big help so you can manipulate the browser window to get the section you want a large as possible before screen capturing.

Share X as @samth has already suggested . I haven’t used windows snipping tool for about 2 years now since I started using ShareX.

Always work with increasing the source size a large as possible before capturing.

By default Shotcut Fill’s (expands) the image to one of the max Video Mode resolution factors, either width or height, whichever one gets to max first. This causes distortion, which applying the Size & Position filter and selecting “Fit” for the Size Mode will keep the exact resolution you screen captured the image as.

Export with “Default”, don’t change any advanced settings.

This is a frame export from my export from the advice I gave.


The image quality is really good on this one. Ill apply you guys suggestion, ill let you know. Thanks a lot

Thanks to everyone. I tried all the things you said, specially @Hudson555x . I uploaded the video to youtube to test and the quality of the picture is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again guys !

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One last thing, since the only thing I place on my timeline, what video mode should I choose?
Automatic or one on the list


That would be something that you would choose based upon what you want to create. YouTube doesn’t restrict you to any particular size, but a very common size is 1920x1080. 30fps for a video like yours would be excellent. But if you’re doing something more fast paced like a sporting event or a fast paced video game content, then at least 60fps would be preferred for your viewers. There is people that do only 4k content.

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While @Hudson555x is correct but also another way to decide is to inspect the properties of the majority of the video footage you plan to use. In that case, you can use Automatic and simply add that video first. If that does not really apply (for example, mostly still images), then you can accept Automatic’s default of 1920x1080 25 fps or choose something higher.

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