Retrieving Lost files


Hi friends,

Would somebody please advise whether there is a way to recover a file from Shotcut? I saved changes but it did not bring up a folder to save the changes in. So I’ve lost my edits twice and don’t want to edit all over again. I am using a Windows 10 operating system.

Please please help!

Thank you.


What steps are you taking to save?
And have you checked the ‘Recent’ list?


I saved a ten-minute video as an mp4 intending to go back later and embellish it in the mlt format. But - the mlt file is lost, as are the temp recovery files. So disappointing! At the time things went wrong, I was attempting to insert some photos, so I must have done something wrong. On the other hand, the temp files were created before I attempted the photo insertions, so I dunno…

I have learned to save multiple versions as I progress on a project. I should have known better. This is my first time using this software, so I feel fortunate to at least have the mp4 file.


i have been able to track down missing .mlt’s by doing a save-as…the point is not to create a different file, but to see where it is you are saving your work…the address will be in the save as dialog in the usual place. the same thing applies for the export function…the address will be there in the dialog. if you had saved or exported to a different location AFTER the file you were looking for was created, this trick won’t work, as like most windows based software the program will remember your LAST save location. the only other solution to find your missing file would be to run a search from this computer, (in windows 10), file explorer with *.mlt in the search-line. fortunately you haven’t been using the program very long so finding your lost file shouldn’t take long.
as a new user myself, i’ve managed to stay more organized by creating dedicated folders specifically for shotcut that i keep the program pointed toward, so files going missing is not a problem from the get-go, as it were. hope this helps.


This did not help jack shit! Can someone tell me if i can recover a file that i forgot to save?!?

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