Reset of export formats seems incorrect

Hi, I’m a n00b at Shotcut (18.03.06/XFCE Debian 9) so my expectation may not be correct.
When I click on an Export Stock format then move to another and click Reset I end up with some parameters left from the previous selection. An easy one is to pick WAV then WMV then WAV with the codec tab open. Notice the codec changes and the disable video is no longer checked etc.
I would expect that pressing Reset would put all WAV parameters back to WAV defaults no matter what they were changed to by another selection (or by hand).
Am I just not understanding the reset? If so how do I get all the stock selections to be default values?

Ok, so I managed a few minutes to take a look at the source code.
It seems that in encodedock.cpp there are some calls to resetOptions that seems
to set the parameters (options) of the currently shown item to hard coded ones inside the code.
That explains what I see but was not what I expected (as I expected reload of
the original parameters on pressing Reset)
Clicking on the preset (calls on_presetsTree_clicked) seems to reset the items
as I would expect.

Thanks for pointing this out - haven’t run into it yet but now I’ll know what to look out for. it does seem counterintuitive.