Request: Key-frames - Rotate filter

I’ve been so grateful for the introduction of key-frames into Shotcut, and today’s update increased the possibilities even further.
The one filter that would help me the most, and would push SC to the point where I will hardly ever need to use external animation software, would be Rotate.
I can currently have objects moving in an out and around the screen but there are often occasions where having an item rotate completes (or is even essential to) the effect. Having the Rotate filter allow me to perform an animated rotation of an object from one orientation to another would be an invaluable asset, even with simple key-frame editing.
I hope that this is a feature which could be considered for a future release because it will not only help myself, but will broaden the possibilities of Shotcut no end.

As an example - the simple animation below was created on a stand-alone editor and implemented into SC using chroma-key, but with the additon of a key-frame facility on the Rotate filter (applied to the hammer) could have been done entirely in Shotcut.
Thank you.