Request for a sample preview export feature, similar to the one in handbrake

One feature handbrake has that shotcut would benefit from is a preview export feature, that would allow you export a 20 seconds to about a minute in length clip to see how that part of the video would look in final export. Handbrake itself does about 10 seconds from preselected parts of the video.

This would be very handy for checking parts of a video with large numbers of filter settings to see if they work correctly. Be very helpful if you could set the timestamp for when the preview starts and ends from.

In the past I have had the odd issue where what happens in the preview window isn’t always what happens in final export. This would be a great feature to test areas of a video you had concerns about. such as when many filter options are used over multiple tracks, or just to preview how a video will look on final export.

I’ve used size and position a lot in the past to resize or video aspect and often do small test exports on the filter to check the resized video looks correct after export. Current this can’t be done as part of a large video and you have to create a project for it or heavily cut a project down, then undo the changes after the export to see the results.

Looks like there is a quick workaround:

In EXPORT, in ADVANCED, in OTHER, add out=300 (I’m assuming this means “out point is at 300 frames”).

You have to remove this once you want to export the full video.

Hi @riven, you sound quite experienced at Shotcut , so you may know this already, but selecting “Timeline to Source” allows you to export short sections of your movie. It puts your video, including filter effects etc, in your source viewer - then use the blue bar to select just the section you require to mix down.

Thanks, @qubodup, that’s a good idea which I never new about.

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Thanks for the suggestions, but neither are the feature I’m looking for.

I use the source player all the time to preview the videos I work on, in some cases what you see in the source player isn’t always what you get in the export. The other issue is the source player at 4K or 1080p becomes extremely slow, when multiple tracks, backgrounds, filters, transition are layered on top of one another. So using it to preview, in some cases is just not an option.

qubodup isn’t really a work around it just limits the frames used in the export which is great, if your video uses all the filters right at the very starts. As it would allow you to export them in a test.

As I’m using 60fps video for a lot of gaming tracks I would suggest using 600-1200 frames. However, unless you can set a start frame, then for me again this option is largely useless. As often I need to check something at the 10 minute mark. If there is an option to set the starting frame then I could use that and the out function to do a preview export as mentioned in my opening post.

I’m guessing you can also add something like in=400 but you’d have to calculate the time 10m = 36000 at 60fps. (in=36000)

I don’t know yet whether you’d have to say out=600 to get 10 seconds after 10 minutes or out=36600.

Guessing doesn’t always work, I tried in= myself already as I took a guess like you it might be that. Sadly didn’t work, only started at the beginning of the video and not as my suggested in time.

Unless I’m misunderstanding your request, I think this is the feature you are looking for.

  1. In the timeline menu, select “Copy Timeline to Source”
  2. In the source player, drag the left and right handles to frame the blue bar just around the part you want to test.
  3. In the export panel, export using your preferred export settings
  4. View the exported video segment in the player of your choice
  5. Repeat until you see the exported results you want

See previous discussion here:

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OK thanks for explaining it a bit more clearer, I stand corrected that is what I wanted, trouble was that you guys don’t make it that clear in the way you worded it or in shotcut

First off the command is “Copy Timeline to Source” (I must stress the word “copy” don’t abbreviate when explaining features as it makes it sound like there is more than one option) and it’s hidden in a side menu of the timeline or left clicking only on an empty field of the master drop down. Option to add it as a button to the main timeline icon menu?

Secondly it’s not clear from the “export file” option that this will export just the source viewer or a resized source view, to me it always seemed like it exported the full timeline. Something like “Export file from source view” would be a better name, but I realised you don’t have the space for that.

I never called the view screen “source” as source to me is the raw import files. I think the wording could be a touch more user friendly. That said it may well be industry standard terms, just that I’m not a professional editor. We all use the editor in different ways and sometimes, how I interpret some features, may be different to someone else and a third person may interpret it different to us.

So yes, thank you, you can close this feature request as it is in shotcut already.

[quote=“Riven, post:8, topic:10942”] trouble was that you guys don’t make it that clear in the way you worded it or in shotcut
Glad you found the solution, sorry I didn’t explain clearly enough.

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No problem that link to the previous post you did, that Brian posted helped a lot, images are often a better way to explain. Unless you do a step by step guide. Often when people people explain something, they tend to over look a step that to them is part of the flow, but it’s not always the case to someone else.

It’s something I picked up some years back, after my father did some video work for some disable groups and how different people interpret words differently. I’m also a former QA testers and I have experience in having to explain things as easy to follow as possible, so anyone can recreate what you do.

I agree it is obscure. I can relabel it as something like Export Range…, but I do not think the UI workflow is intuitive enough currently to support that. So, this was added quickly and easily to support the use case, and I did not want to brand this as our final solution for the problem. Therefore, I labelled it very literally.

the word “copy” don’t abbreviate when explaining features

It is not an abbreviation. It is literally what happens: the timeline project is copied as a virtual clip to the Source player.

Something like “Export file from source view” would be a better name

There is a From field at the top of the Export panel.

I never called the view screen “source”

More often that not, people are using it for viewing source aka original media, and “raw” means something entirely different than your usage of that word (ever heard of raw digital photo?). In other use cases, it is the source of an operation whether the destination is Export, Playlist, or Timeline. It is also typical terminology and stays.

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I think best to leave as is on the wording. As I’m only one user and to me export file would be clearer than export range.

So umm this is what I mean about interpretation, I was in fact talking about the fact that in this forum thread jonray & Brian in their posts had both abbreviated the “Copy Timeline to Source” option as Timeline to Source. Cutting out the word copy in their posts as when I checked in Shotcut I was looking for Timeline to Source and could only see Copy Timeline to Source. Of course I figured out it must be the same option they were talking about, but yes I was a bit mused when searching for it at first.

In Shotcut it’s labelled fine, it does exactly what it said it does, no need to change it. So sorry about the confusion.

Doh! I misread the misunderstanding. I edited Brian’s post to clarify for others reading it as the solution.

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Yes I did omit the word “Copy” - apologies.