Repaired .mlt overwrites older .mlt file without warning


I did a manipulation that resulted in losing many hours of work on my current project. First, I’ll describe what I did:

1° Create a new project, adding some videos. The usual stuff
2° Being unhappy on how I organized the videos that I’m using for my project, I moved the videos around
3° Well, Shotcut cannot find my videos anymore (which is obvious), so I tell the program where the videos are located… and continue working on my project, saving it regularly.
4° I close my program (I don’t do that often…but, you know, windows updates). Then, I open my project “name_of_my_project.mlt” and, then, the program asked me that he doesn’t find the videos… so, a bit puzzled, I told him where they are. Big big big mistake since I lost most of my work by doing so.

Obviously, my last action overrwrote my current project since I was not working on “name_of_my_project.mlt”, but on “name_of_my_project - Repaired.mlt”. I tried to get my work back by looking for any auto-save, but no auto-save. The problem that I have is that I didn’t get any warning of any sort and the consequence was quite disastrous.

Here is my suggestion:

When repairing a project, a dialog box pops up, asking the user where to save the new project file (with “name_of_my_project - Repaired.mlt” as a default) along with the button “Save on the same project file” (and the obvious button “Ok”)… or something like that.

A simple warning that I’m overwriting a file is also a solution.