Repair doesn't repair - endless cycle

verified with SC 220123, 221022 and 221025 on Win 8.1:
I corrected a typo in the name of my *.mp4 file after I created the project.
So next time I opened the project the expected “missing file” dialog showed up.
I changed the file name by selecting the new video file (in same folder as mlt file) and saved the project file as “Repaired”. I didn’t do any further work with this one and let it sit for the night.

But to my surprise, the next day when I opened the “Repaired” file, the very same “missing file” dialog showed up again! Again I specified the new file and closed it as “Repaired - Repaired”. When I did a diff, both project files were identical - so no chance that yet another “repair” will make a difference.
Attached is my project file.
Repairs did work for me in the past - what am I missing here?

Flor Amorosa_PXL_20221030_103138013 - Repaired - Repaired.mlt (13.3 KB)

Edit (5hrs later):
After removing the backslash before the file name in line 50, the project opens without complaints.
Odd. Don’t know how it got there - I thought this was OK, because it references a location in the same folder as the project file. But when I saw it missing in other projects I got the idea …

If anyone has a clue, I’d still be curious to know.

Is your tmp folder in your appdata folder?

If so, have you tried using a different file location like
C:\Samse26\ or D:\Samse26\ ?

No, it is in my work folder on my local D:\drive (D:\work\videos…\tmp. I actually moved it to a separate (tmp) folder for investigation, but it made no difference.

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