Rendering too long

Hello, how can I use my video card to render?
Have a 12min full HD video, 60 FPS and rendering it takes 7h. The CPU is busy all the time. Is that normal? Have an i5 4440 with 3.10 GHz and the GTX 1050 TI.
Do I have to change something with hardware encoders? There have two times h264_nvenc.

If you are looking at the estimated time remaining, then it is inaccurate especially due to a bug in the current versions.
Otherwise, to answer your question, turn on the Hardware Encoder option and ensure you are using th 64-bit version of Shotcut.

I use the new shotcut version and I have the 64-bit version. 12h was the estimated time and after 7h it was finished.

Generally Shotcut takes ages to render for me. This is pretty normal for Shotcut.

Ok, but I will use shotcut in the future. The rendering time I hate.

I record in 50Mbit/s and the files are normaly 10GB big. That is too much :smiley: I must do it in a lower quality and that I cut and rendering 8h no thanks. It must be faster.

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