Removing the track ID's so you can see more of the Sound Waves

Hi folks,
I am back editing again today and I am having trouble seeing the peaks of the sound waves on the audio track. I am basically trying to make the switch from one still image to another on the peak of the music beats. I can do this up to a point but at the end of the audio the peaks are obscured by the music track ID. Is it possible to temporarily remove the ID?
Kind regards Paul

Increase (size) the height of the path.
Bez tytułu

You can also rename the file to a shorter one. If you do this in the file properties then the original filename will be kept in the playlist.


We had the same idea. I was making a very short video demonstration while you posted your suggestion.
I’ll add it to the thread, so it won’t go to waste :slight_smile:


I had a similar situation recently. When I was trying to figure out how to answer (short video, screenshots, I searched the forum) Shotcut Leader applied the principle “simple solutions are the fastest” and won the laurel of victory. But I got my revenge on him (my last entry :upside_down_face:).
In a hurry, he did the job twice. Unfortunately, people rarely use the search engine.


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That is a great idea. Thank you

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