Removed time indicators on video track

So, IDK what I did, I’m new to this program, but I seem to have removed whatever the time indicators are called on the video track if there usually are any… I feel like they are, but I might be going insane, I just don’t know how to get it back. It’s not an end of the world issue, but kinda annoying.

I appreciate any help, have a good one!

Edit: The time indicators are equal to HH:MM:SS

Hit the - key to decrease the zoom level. Or move slider to the left.
Hit the + key to increase the zoom level. Or move slider to the right.
Or hit 0 to fit timeline zoom to fit window. Click on the square icon.

Sadly even when i am zoomed out at max nothing shows up

I was wrong about the timecode earler, and I edited my post to reflect that.

In the timeline, you only get to see a few steps in the timecode bar above. I’m not sure of the exact formula behind it, but if you hover your mouse anywhere in that area, you will see the true timecode as pictured below.

Ah ok, Thank you so much!
I’m pretty new to video editing and the program so I really appreciate it :smiley:

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