Remove transition automatically when following clip is deleted

Hi. when you make a transition between two clips on the timeline and afterwards delete the second clip, let the transition there and put there another clip, the transition kept the original (deleted) clip. This seems bit confusing to me. Maybe this behavior is sometimes desired? Maybe it would be good to automatically delete transition when following clip is deleted.


Yeah, maybe, but there are many little improvements to keep making, and some of them will introduce bugs. In this case, this increases the complexity of undo/redo handling with the risk of introducing a bug. Constantly chasing small refinements and fixing the bugs along the way is a sure way to prevent work on major new features. Maybe some day, but not soon. In the meantime, you can easily delete the transition.

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That would be great to be able to move clip on the timeline and get its transitions recalculated automatically.

Because for now, if you want to adjust a length of transition between two clips, you have to remove both of them, and redo that from scratch. And if there are many crossfaded clips in chain, you have to rebuild the whole timeline.

If you have a transition both at beginning and end, which should it move? Both? What if you did not want that? What if you only wanted one or the other? If you have a transition between A and B but not C and move B, should it move the transition? What if you wanted to keep transition on A and now make it transition to C? Should it only move the transition at the end of whatever you move? You see, there are many combinations, and some people will expect one thing and another expect a different thing. Still, others might want the transition to be simply automatically deleted. It makes user experience somewhat complicated.

Also, you do not need to remove a transition and recreate it to adjust its length, but the ability to adjust it may limited by the amount of unexposed additional footage before or after the transition.

Treat that as 2 clips with overlap not three independent clips, and follow the same UX pattern for moving and deleting clips as it is. That will not break user experience, and make editing of sequences with many of transitions much more easy. It’s imho ofcourse.

If I understand your request correctly… if you have 5 clips on a track with transitions between all of them, and you move one of these clips, it should try to move all 5 clips as a group?

I have the same issue. An audio analog way of putting it seems to be that a transition is a destructive or irrevocable edit. Would there not be a way of maintaining integrity of individual clips in case, e.g. duration of crossfade needs adjustment, as can happen when trying to match to audio? In other words, so a single clip, image or scene to which has been applied one or two transitions can be ‘rescued’ later uncut if it turns out an extra 0.5 sec of the original is needed?