Reducing Hall/Reverberation

Hi guys,
just a general question which might easily been solved by your experience. I am working on a video shot without good mic in a larger room and therefor need to reduce the hall - would prefer not to export to audacity and import again. I already tried a few filters but I am far to unfamiliar with all the audio specs. So do you have some recommendations and settings regarding the filters that might be of help. Which ones do you regulary use?

Thanks a million! Best

Hi, use noise reduction effect in Audacity. No other ways. Google tutorials.

I do voicerecording and I use ‘Akustikmatten’ around my mic to damp the halleffect.

The only way to reduce already recorded stuff from sustained hall is to use ‘Kompressor’ & ‘Limiter’-Filters with a hard cut-off.



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