Recover Past Work

I was working on a project for quite some time, I added a 4th video track then suddenly Shotcut crashed. Since shotcut has a autosave feature i tought my progress would have still been saved, to my surprise I open the .mtl file, and all the editing I did was gone, plus the video seemed to be 2x speed. Since I tought this was odd I decided to go onto the app data directory (C:\user\username\Appdata\Local\Meltytech\Shotcut\autosave) but the autosave that was there was from a different project that I worked on months ago.

So my question is, might it be possible to recover my work, and if so how?

Thank you for your time -John

There was only one file in the autosave directory ?
If there was many, make Windows (or your operating system) sort them by date (most recent on top) one of the files on top of the list should be the saved project you’re looking for.

It is normal that once a project is recovered the corresponding autosave file is gone. But I have no explanation for the magical changes to your project. So unless you have a backup system in place your work is gone it does seem to be gone. Working on something a long time without saving is not recommended.

I have had a similar problem my autosave file is empty and my work is gone but I saved it before I closed the program next time I opened it it was gone anyways

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